It’s Official: Nebraska Teen’s Elk Declared State Record

After over a half hour of measuring, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission declared the elk that 14 year old Hannah Helmer killed 60 days ago the new state record. It measured 430 6/8 inches which beat the old record by over 20 inches. The elk will also land somewhere in the top 20 nationally for non-typical elk.

Hannah is taking her new found fame in stride. She has received interview requests, calls, and even a letter from the governor. She hopes to have the mount back early next year, but still is not sure where she is going to hang it. Even though she has not been back out hunting since she killed her elk, she hopes to get out and hunt deer this year.


Her dad is not worried about all of the fame going to her head. He stated: “We’re a family that hunts. We definitely do it for a lot more reasons than the trophy. It’s for the food, and to experience the outdoors. We just so happened to shoot a trophy animal.”

Congratulations on your record and may you have many more hunts.

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