Ohio Teen Confesses To Shooting Neighbor’s Dog

According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office A 16-year old boy has confessed to shooting a Wooster family’s dog with an arrow.

The 9-year-old yellow lab, Cosmo was found with an arrow stuck though last Wednesday night. Wayne County Sheriff’s Captain Douglas Hunter told FOX 8 the arrow had the last name of a person on it. The homeowner investigated online and realized his neighbor’s son had the same last name.

The 16-year old confessed to shooting the dog to a detective who went to the home to investigate. The teen explained he had been deer hunting, saw an animal in the brush and thought it was a coyote, then shot it with the arrow. The boy said he saw the animal run off and realized it was a dog, but could not find the dog or a trail of blood.

The sheriff’s department will send the case to the juvenile county prosecutor where they expect charges to be filed soon.

In our opinion this boy should be punished to the full extent of the law and have his hunting privileges revoked until he is at least 18. First rule of hunter’s safety is to always identify your target before preparing to shoot. Hunters do not condone this kind of behavior. This is not what hunting is about.

Thankfully Cosmo survived this terrible ordeal. Following surgery to remove the arrow Cosmo went home to his family the next day.

Here are two videos of Wayne County Sheriff’s Captain Douglas Hunter explains the details: