“Open Until Closed” The Biggest Win For Sportsmen Since Teddy Roosevelt

The John D. Dingell conservation, management, and recreation act was recently overwhelmingly passed by Congress and signed by president Trump. Hidden in the bill is the Open until closed policy. This policy is the single most significant protection for public land hunting since Teddy Roosevelt.

In the past public land could be closed to hunting and then it was up to hunting organizations to sue and prove it should be open. Previous administrations could close land with ease. With this new policy, all federal land that is currently open to hunting will remain open unless the administration or organization trying to close it goes through a long and rigorous process to prove it needs to close.

If a future administration or anti-hunting group is successful in closing public land, they still have restrictions. It will have to be the smallest amount of land for the shortest period of time. The onus is on them to keep this land closed. It is now very difficult to close public land to hunters.

Since Teddy Roosevelt protected tens of millions of acres of public land, It has been under attack from all angles. Anti-hunting organizations have tried to close this land to hunting any way they can. Open until closed will protect this land for future generations of hunters. Hunters have been on the defensive to protect our public land hunting rights. Open until closed puts us on offense