Outcry Puts a Stop to Police Shooting Feral Cats

Anybody who know anything about conservation knows that feral cats cat reek havoc on a ecosystem. Feral House cats kill hundreds of millions of birds each year in the United States and in some areas their populations are out of control. Even though the problem is obvious, nobody wants to do anything about it.  People love cats and the thought of any real solutions are unimaginable to most citizens.

A controversial management program is now suspended after a national outcry. According to the Sacramento Bee, Jefferson, Iowa  suspended the policy that allowed police officers to kill feral cats. The city adopted the measure in an effort to save money.

The city ordinance allowed Jefferson residents to request a police-monitored cat trap and authorizes city police officers to shoot any trapped cats deemed unadoptable. City administrator Mike Palmer said officers typically kill about one feral cat each month, but that doesn’t sit well with all residents.

Of course the animal right organizations got involved and issued the following statement.

“If you take the cats out of the community, more cats are going to fill the void; it’s just a natural function,” said Scott Wilson, of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. “If there’s a good environment for cats, cats are going to come in. Where if you have an existing colony that is not breeding, it’ll keep new cats from entering the colony, but the colony will slowly, over time, die out.”

That statement may make sense if we were talking about coyotes or another native wild animal, but not cats. Cats have to come from somewhere. They have established a population in the city because of humans. It is not like they are coming in from the rural areas surrounding the city. A concentrated effort is needed to remove them from the ecosystem.

Maybe we should take some ques from our friends down under. A man on Kangaroo Island has declared an all out war on feral cats that are destroying the ecosystem. He has trapped and  in his life time.