Outfitter response to assault allegations

Recently we received an Email regarding our ’17 hottest huntress’ article. The accusations were that one of the young women was not actually a hunter or guide. When investigating these accusations, we figured out who the Email came from very quickly.

We talked to the girl and attempted to contact the outfitter to get his side of the story. We did not receive a response from him at that time. He said he did not receive the email we sent him.

The woman claimed that she was sexually harassed and forced to work crazy hours before sneaking out at 2:30 AM. The text messages and pictures seemed to corroborate what she was saying.

The outfitter then contacted us. After a long conversation with the outfitter, he sent us text and pictures that seemed to show they were in a consensual relationship before she was fired.

In the end, we were not there. This entire story turned into he said she said situation. There are two sides to this story, and I have no way of telling what really happened.

Both parties wanted me to keep the names anonymous as not to destroy the reputation of the other. I hope the young woman grows here social media following, and the outfitter sells many hunts.