Outfitter Still Guiding After $50,000 In Fines And An 8 year Hunting Ban

In a move to avoid hunting and fishing bans a Canadian couple abruptly moved there outfitting business from Alberta to British Columbia. According to a blog posted by Non Typical Nation, Gerard Visneskie and Sophie Goupil racked up a combined $50,000 in poaching fines and earning eight-year hunting restrictions and a two-year fishing restriction within Alberta.

Now they are set up as sturgeon outfitters in Fraser Valley, British Columbia. But it seems that even this new business is not legit and they are up to their old ways. It appears that the couple was guiding before their BC guide license was approved. A copy of his license obtained by the Progress shows its date of issue as Aug. 26, 2016. But there are multiple Facebook posts showing him guiding client as early as July.

A lot of the locals are saying they should be restricted in British Columbia for their Alberta history, and some have even they shouldn’t ever be able to hunt and fish again, let alone run an outfitting business.

The couple faces a hearing at the local Ministry office to see whether or not they should be allowed to continue to guide, angle, hunt, and/or carry firearms in British Columbia.

Non Typical Nation Breaks down their Wildlife violations and fines: Goupil was fined $16,000 for hunting deer without a proper license, killing a lynx outside of the appropriate hunting season and without the proper trapping license, and exceeded the possession limit for trout.

Visneskie was fined $34,000, similarly hunted without appropriate licenses and not within the appropriate hunting seasons. He additionally used an electronic calling device to hunt the above- mentioned lynx, killed trout with a spear gun — an illegal hunting weapon for fishing trout — and shot a white-tailed deer with a pistol out the side of his truck.

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