Outrage Proves Anti-Trophy Hunters Do Not Care about Conservation

Thousands of people are outraged after it came to light that an American hunter paid $110,000 to hunt and kill a rare Astor Markhor in Pakistan. They vented their outrage on all sorts of forums and in the comment sections of the news sites that ran the story. Only there is one problem, all they did was show the world that they do not care about conservation.

They proved that point because almost every one of the outraged commenters failed to acknowledge that the regulated hunting program is working. As of right now there are more Astor Markhor today than there were before the conservation program was instituted.

Bryan Kinsel Harlan spent $110,000 to kill this Astor Markhor

The Washington Post spent six paragraphs laying out the conservation program and what a success it was. Other News publications such as The Hill, Fox News, and NPR just to name a few all agree that the program is working.

Here is an except from The Washington Post:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in an effort to encourage U.S. trophy hunting of markhors as a conservation method, also reclassified the animal as “threatened,” rather than endangered, which allowed hunters to bring back trophies such as their horns… As a result, the markhor populace had rebounded enough by 2015 that the International Union for the Conservation of Nature upgraded the species from endangered to “near-threatened.” According to the conservationist website Green Global Travel, the comeback of the markhor is “one of the world’s great but little-known conservation success stories.”

Trophy Hunting is the center piece of the conservation program and with out it the program would not work. It gives local Pakistanis incentives to protect the animal.

According to NPR:

Before the program, government officials and influential people and local politicians would go to a village and just start hunting. And the villagers did not have incentives to stop them. Now the villagers say, this markhor is worth $110,000. You just can’t take it if you want to. Show us the permit and then you can hunt here.

Clearly, the program is working. People should be celebrating the recovery of this majestic animal, but they are not. They are outraged that a person would dare kill an individual animal, even if it helps the population as a whole.

Conservation is the wise use of a resource so it does not become depleted. Conservation is not preservation. When we conserve water we do not stop using it; we manage it wisely so we have plenty of water for future generations. It is the same concept for animal conservation. This is a textbook case of why hunting is conservation.

The money raised through the hunting of a few markhor allows for the rest population to thrive. But it seems people do not seem to care, they would rather just virtue signal and disregard the facts. Not one commenter addressed the specifics of the program or disputed it working. They focused on the morality of the hunter.

This shows they do not care about conservation and the animals it has saved.