Own a .50 BMG for a Tenth of the Price of a Barret

A Barret .50 BMG is one of the coolest guns on the market, but the biggest issue with actually owning one is the price. The M82A1 will set you back around 10K depending on the configuration. That makes the gun pretty much inaccessible for most of us average shooters. But what if I told you you could own a .50 BMG for a tenth of the cost.

Introducing the Serbu Firearms RN-50, a single shot .50 BMG that cost just over a grand, making it somewhat affordable. Now just about every shooter can own a .50 BMG if they want one for the same price as a high-quality AR-15.

Here is the description of the gun according to Serbu website:

The RN-50 represents the first time a production firearm has ever been inspired by social media. Designed in conjunction with YouTube celebrity Royal Nonesuch. The RN-50 is a unique approach to the .50BMG rifle. Rugged, lightweight, accurate, easy takedown and low price make this rifle a winner! The simple screw-on breech cap is not only strong, it applies absolutely symmetrical support to the cartridge case, allowing for incredible accuracy. Using top quality materials as well as parts from our proven BFG-50 rifle, the RN-50 gives you high quality at an incredible price, along with lineage to a safe, proven firearm that’s been in production for 17+ years. Whether you’re looking for the least expensive way to get into shooting .50BMG or you want to outshoot your friends’ expensive match rifle, the RN-50 is for you!

That sounds pretty good, but how does it shoot? Glad you asked. The Guys over at Demolition Ranch put it to the test and ran it through it’s paces. Here is their video.

Pretty cool right. While reloading the gun might be cumbersome one-shot will probably be all you need.