PA Law Maker Proposes New Legislation in Wake of Deer Abuse Video

At the beginning of the month, a video surfaced of two teens abusing a wounded deer. The video went viral and people started calling for them to be severely punished. There was even a petition circulating to charge them with animal cruelty and ban them from hunting for life and it looks like that might become a reality.

According to Penn Live, State Rep. Tony DeLuca (D-Allegheny) says he’s planning to introduce legislation that would grant authority to the Pennsylvania Game Commission to deny hunting licenses to anyone convicted of severe animal abuse.

Currently, the PA Game Commission is still investigating the incident and is asking for patience. they released the following statement on Wednesday.

“The investigation surrounding two individuals who were recently depicted in a video assaulting a deer continues. State game wardens are still diligently working with local law enforcement officials and the Pennsylvania State Police to conduct a thorough and proper investigation, including reviewing all potential evidence associated with the case.

Due to the legal process, the Pennsylvania Game Commission cannot comment on the specifics of the investigation at this time; however, please know that we do acknowledge the tremendous following that is surrounding the investigation and the case itself. As we have stated in previous comments, we believe the actions shown in the video are reprehensible and do not represent ethical hunting practices.

We continue to ask for your understanding and patience when it comes to information involving this matter. We will share updates with the public as they become available. In an effort to best share agency-related news, events and information, we will continue to post items not related to this case.

Please know this is not being done in an effort to purposely ignore concerned individuals who are closely following the investigation. We encourage you to not allow the negative actions of two individuals to consume every post exhibiting many positive examples of work being done within our agency on behalf of wildlife within our state.

We thank you for your continued concern, understanding and support for Pennsylvania’s wildlife.”