Pack of Coyotes Surround Woman and her Dog

A Massachusetts woman had quite the scare when she and her dog were surrounded by four coyotes while in their backyard. Lucky for them her husband was able to grab a broom and chase the coyotes away before they could do any damage.

According to Wicked Local, a pack of four coyotes was not intimidated by a woman and her 85-pound German shepherd mix. The pack surrounded the pair but the woman’s husband saw what was happening and leaped into action.

“The coyotes were not intimidated by the resident or her dog, and began to form up in a pack around them both,” police said in the statement. “Her husband was able to chase them off with a broom, after observing what was going on.”

Marion Larson, chief of information and education for Mass. Wildlife, said typically a human being present with a dog is enough to scare coyotes

“In most cases, when you’re in your yard with your dog, the human’s presence is usually a deterrent,” said Lawson. “This incident is a little bit more concerning. The good news is when her husband came out with the broom and hollered and yelled, they took off and that’s a good thing.”

The best way to deal with a coyote is to yell and scream at them, Larson said.

“People should harass the coyotes to keep that hierarchy of humans above coyotes,” said Larson. “It’s coyote language for, ‘you’re not welcome here, I am a threat.’”

Larson blames the incident on it being coyote breeding season, a time of year when coyotes become more aggressive.