Paypal locks account and seizes money from major gun store

Tactical Shit is a top-rated gun store with a significant social media presence. In 2017 they received an award for the 8th fastest-growing privately-held retail company in America.

While their company was growing fast, Tactical Shit partnered with Paypal to develop programming to allow Paypal as a form of payment for gun parts.

Paypal has seemingly fallen victim to the woke left. They send Tactical Shit a notice informing them that they have temporarily seized their money and will ban their account. Below is the warning from Paypal and the response from Tactical Shit.

After working closely with Paypal in 2018 to develop custom programming to allow Paypal as a form of payment on our site ONLY for Gun Parts that were 50 state legal, they have reversed their position and have locked our accounts and temporarily seized our money.

Please Stand with Tactical Shit and vote out the gun grabbers this November.