Who Pays for Wild Life?

In the world today wildlife does not exist by accident.
It exists because humans choose to let it exist. In the past many species have been driven to extinction by habitat destruction and over hunting. The Passenger Pigeon, Tasmanian tiger, Dodo Bird are a few high profile examples.

Arguably, today we are more conservation minded then at any other time in history. In the last 100 or so years we have brought many animal back from the brink of extinction. Some examples are the American Bison, South African White Rhino, and Gray Wolves. Part of the reason we were able to accomplish this by giving the animals value so they can pay for their existence as a species.

Hunting is one of the ways we give value to wildlife. The revenue it generates pays for habitat and conservation. There is no greater example of how the system works then the one given by Shane Mahoney of Conservation Visions. This video will open your eyes to the how hunting helps bring species back from the brink and into a thriving population.