PBS Drops Hunting Show Without Warning

Michigan Out-of-doors TV is a hunting and fishing show that airs on PBS and YouTube. Many people were ready to watch a new episode tonight only to find out the episode had been dropped with no warning. If you missed the latest episode or want to show your support, be sure to subscribe on YouTube.

The reasoning behind the cancellation is a logo in the background during the episode. Hunting TV shows rely on promoting advertisers to make money and continue producing hunting shows. The tight restrictions on this are nothing new to PBS, but the last minute decision to cancel this episode has left many frustrated.

Michigan Out-of-Doors TV says they will continue to work with PBS. It is essential for great hunting and fishing content to be on channels like PBS, so the general public has a favorable view of what we do.

PBS is showing outdoor programming, and that is important to remember. Reading the comments on Facebook from Michigan Out-of-Doors TV, they seem frustrated by the timing of the cancellation, not the fact that PBS is trying to push liberal views of hunting onto the public. We will see.

To clarify Michigan Out-of-Doors has had the Van Guard logo in the same spot for 10 years and only now decided it was a problem. (Logo is in background of video below)

Here is the Facebook post and cancelled episode

We recently were informed by PBS that they will not be airing Big Buck Night East, or Big Buck Night West, due to an issue with a sponsor logo. We’ve had a logo in the background of every Big Buck Night for the last decade or so but for some reason this year they decided that the show was not fit for PBS. We would like to apologize to everyone who was a part of Big Buck Night, if we would of had any forewarning that this would be an issue we certainly would’ve made other arrangements. If you would like to watch the show online, just click the link below 👇 It’s a great show and we hope people will check it out there.. This is another good reason to make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any content!