People are Upset After Hunters Kill Rescued Elk

Back in September, a group of farmers worked over an hour to free an elk stuck in an irrigation canal. After they pulled him free a hunter approached the elk and shot, killed him, and butchered him in front of the onlookers. Keep in mind that the hunters did nothing illegal. The elk was on public land managed by the BLM (Beuro of Land Management).

Photos and the story were posted to Facebook and now people are upset over the incident. Here is what Maryjo Constanzo Ward posted about the incident.

Sunday 9/20/2020 My husband Dan, Joseph Heinen, Travis Didier& another friend who are farmers struggled for over an hour to get this Bull Elk out of the SCBID canal. The elk was in the canal for over 10+ hours that we were aware of, the water wasn’t over his head as he was walking not swimming. the elk was trying to get out he was very exhausted his hooves were a little bloody but nothing life-threatening, they were scared of the cement & trying to get out for hours. (we’ve pulled a dog out that someone threw in and her pads were bloody from trying to get out)We called for the district to let them know, by the time the district got there the farmers had pulled the elk out they pulled him out by his antlers & a tractor. The neighbor gals brought some hay & grain and one of the farmers made a path for the hay. Everything went well we were told it was a good rescue by the district. The guys took the rope off within a foot of that elk that’s how exhausted he was & one even petted his ass. We let him rest for an hour or so. Dan & the gals went back to watch for the night to make sure coyotes would stay away.

THEN someone’s family member from the district posted the save and it was seen by Jim Shuster (district worker) he & his daughter came killed & butchered it. Granted it’s the last day of Bow season & it was on BLM land. This elk was exhausted!! This elk knew he was safe with us he knew he could rest & was protected.

Evil Jim walked to him pushed his way by the girls and the Elk knew Evil because he stood and that’s when Jim shot the elk 4’ feet away with his bow, the elk fell back into the canal.

These people didn’t need the meat look how they were dressed and the meat was stressed & tainted. All they wanted was the rack! We did call the sheriff and F&W but nothing they could do, again BLM Land, He did use his work access while not working. This is very unethical & poor sportsmanship and gives “real” hunters a bad name. He’s not a hunter at all. Shame-full and awful humans they are- pitiful people!!

WOLVES ARE PEOPLE TO:Sunday 9/20/2020 My husband Dan, Joseph Heinen,Travis Didier& another friend who are farmers…

Posted by Maryjo Costanzo Ward on Sunday, September 20, 2020

Obviously, this is only one side of the story, and there is some speculation on the side of the poster, especially when it comes to the motivations of the hunters and how they came across this particular elk. However, this is the side of the story that non-hunters see and it is not a good look for hunting in general.

Just because something is legal, that does not mean it is ethical.

We tried to find Jim on Social media to get his side of the story, but we were unable to locate him. If anybody knows him and could have him contact us it would be appreciated.