The True Story Behind These Moose Pictures

With all the hoaxes on the internet today, it’s hard to know what’s real.

We live in a time when we are highly skeptical of everything we see and hear. My six-year-old daughter recently saw a video I was watching on Facebook, and she just said, “Faaaaaake!” I have seen pictures like this in the past and always assumed they were fake. I did a little research to find out the truth behind this crazy picture of a moose stuck around 40 feet in the air.

This picture was taken in Alaska in 2015, and many different people have verified it. What happened was electrical workers had a line lying on the ground, ready to go up. A big bull moose, with a massive 60-inch spread, was rutting hard in the area. Electrical workers started to pull the wire from a far distance, and the moose got his antlers caught! The moose was later found dead, dangling, as you see in this picture!

Finding out this is real makes me wonder if any of the other similar pictures I have seen could be real as well. We may be skeptical of a lot these days, but crazy things do happen all the time.