The Permissions Letter: How to Find Private Land to Hunt

I am a huge fan of The Meateater Pod cast with Steve Rinella. This past week they did a show on how to gain permission to hunt private land. They had a lot of great tips, but one really stuck out, the permission letter. Basically it entails sending a letter to property owners asking for permission to hunt their land. The concept is really quite genius.

The letter is broken down into a few different sections. It starts with an introduction of who you are and what you want. It includes a map of the property you want to gain access on and a statement telling the property owner how having a person like you hunting the property will help make the property better. The letter goes on to give a quick biography of the hunter and a statement showing the land owner he assumes no responsibility if the hunter is injured on his property.

You can download a copy of the letter at Zmountaians Blog site.

It contains a word document plus two PDF’s with notes on how to customize the letter for yourself.

This really is an awesome idea and it has helped the blogger gain access to properties he never would have been able to get by just knocking on doors.