Rumors Circulating PETA Is Buying Out Deer Tags

You read that right, people are claiming (like the pic below) that PETA is buying out deer tags. I have seen many comments on the issue and the common consensus is most hunters are in outrage.

PETA Is Buying Out Deer Tags

If you think about it though the cost of deer tags goes to conservation. So if all the deer tags were to sell out, that would mean maximum revenue for conservation efforts. That wouldn’t be a bad thing in the short term.

Unfortunately, if hunters can not get the woods to harvest these deer the problem of overpopulation would quickly follow. That would lead to higher disease rates, starvation and government culling. The opposite of conservation.

Thankfully no evidence has been found to support the rumor that PETA is buying out deer tags . After doing a lot of research into the subject, these rumors have been circulating the internet for over 10 years. The earliest i could find was back in 2007.

Despite such posts on Facebook groups and other social media platforms, no one has produced any photographic or video proof of such occurrences by animal rights groups. It would take a lot of organization to get all these people into the hunters safety course and to be first in line when deer tags go on sale. So much organization that someone somewhere would have evidence of PETA organizing such a plan.

This does not mean we shouldn’t have a constant eye on the anti-hunting groups though. They never seem to stop and are always looking for ways to stop any and all hunting. For now your tags are safe.

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