PETA Launches Stupidest Video of All Time

PETAJust when you think PETA can not get any more stupid, they all in and really out do themselves. The insane animal rights group released a completely ridicules video where they compare meat eaters with serial killers and try and lambast the reason people do not go vegan.

It looks like they are trying to do a parody of the if Meat Eaters Acted like Vegans video, but they failed.

Needless to say they fail miserably. First off the group has zero credibility when it comes to animal welfare. Just look at how many animals that they “Rescue” they kill, and who can forget the time the dogknapped a little girls pet and killed it. But they want to lecture us on eating meat.

And of course animals are not people. So grab some bacon and pull up a chair and enjoy a good laugh.

If Horror Movie Villains Said What Meat-Eaters Say

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Posted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on Friday, July 13, 2018

The funniest part is they actually think this forwards their agenda. Truth is this makes them a complete laughing stock.