PETA Is Now A Share Holder In Facebook. This Is Why

PETA just purchased shares in Facebook. this allows them to submit a shareholder resolution, attend the company’s annual meetings, and ask questions of executives there.

This move comes after Facebook started covering up content with warning covers. These covers severely limit the amount of exposure your posts get.

Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said, “PETA urges Facebook to follow Twitter’s lead by allowing users to decide for themselves whether they want to opt in or out of warning covers.”

This may be the only time I say this, but I agree with PETA. Facebook has started covering up hunting content more and more. They have even gone so far as to cover up pictures of cooking wild game. Let us decide for ourselves if we want warning covers on content. It should be up to us to determine what we see on Facebook, not our tech overlord Mark Zuckerberg.

Like everything else, PETA will take this to an extreme. They will eventually try to get hunting content banned from Facebook. But for now, I hope PETA gets Facebook to change its policy on warning covers.