PETA wants Punxsutawney Phil replaced with a robot. Their plan backfires!

The people for the ethical treatment of animals, or PETA, are supported by many everyday Americans. Their name alone sounds like something we all support. PETA seems great on the surface, but digging into what they actually believe shows a completely different story.

PETA essentially believes humans should not interact with animals in any way. Many people understand their opposition to eating meat and wearing fur. Where PETA goes off the rails is they don’t think you should have any interaction with animals.

Their latest stunt involves trying to retire Punxsutawney Phil. They want him replaced with an AI robot.

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Social media wasted no time pointing out how crazy PETA has gotten.

One commenter wrote, ” Seriously Peta? I love animals and hate to see any “enslaved.” I live in PA and have seen many local documentaries on this adorable critter. I have no doubt that this little guy is living the best life with the best care. If he were under any duress, I’m sure they’d even get him a groundhog whisperer or psychiatrist.

Ivan Richards wrote, “It’s almost like watching a hot air balloon fall from the sky watching PETA slowly sink itself due to its lies and narrow minded stupidity.

Wake up before the good work and good will you do have in some areas is completely gone.

Your track record becomes worse every single day.”

Another commenter wrote, ”¬†Live in a cage getting food all the time or the alternative PA has an ground hog season… peta think long and hard on that one.”

Overall the comments were mostly negative on PETA’s Facebook page. The fact that PETA supporters don’t like what they are doing shows how extreme the organization is at its roots.