PETA’s Animal Shelter Should be called a Slaughter House

So why does PETA get to decide what animals should die and what animals should live? What gives them the moral high ground to dictate to us that we should not hunt, trap, or fish? The answer is they have none. They are nothing more than a propaganda machine that uses media hype and pageantry to solicit money from good meaning people. They are some of the worst hypocrites on the planet.

In documents obtained from Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services the so called animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has killed 1,411 cat and dogs at it’s Virginia Facility. Of the 2,007 animals acquired by PETA last year, the group only returned ten dogs and cats to their owners and successfully placed only 57 with adopting families.

According to the Libertarian Republic, The additional animals euthanized last year brought PETA’s death toll to over 36,000 since 1998. Most of the animals put down were processed at PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. PETA’s official blog states that killing dogs and cats, helps them “escape an uncaring world without trauma or pain.”

PETA does not care about pets. They would rather kill animals than see them with a loving family. Just look at these two examples of PETA killing wanted and loving pets.

Last November, two PETA employees stole a family’s pet Chihuahua off their porch and ultimately euthanized the animal. The family captured video of this occurring on their home surveillance system. When caught, the PETA workers apologized by giving the family a fruit basket.

Virginia State law requires that animals be held for five days before they are euthanized to allow people to recover their animals. An investigation by the VDACS found that PETA violated the law and imposed the largest fine it could, at $500. This cannot even be considered a slap on the wrist to an organization that brings in millions of dollars a year.

Back in 2005, PETA workers were arrested in North Carolina after killing adoptable cats and dogs and disposing of the bodies in a supermarket trash dumpster. Court evidence showed the employees euthanized animals they described as “perfect” and “adorable.”

If you want to help animals donate to your local pet shelter. Do not give money to PETA because PETA does not care about animals.

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