Petition by hunters to charge PA men for a viral video showing wounded deer kicked and stomped

Hunters will not stand for others senselessly abusing animals. A recent viral video shows two Pennsylvania, men Cody Hetrick, and Alex Smith, abusing a wounded deer. They are seen kicking and stomping a wounded deer while laughing. We hunt for food and believe in a quick ethical kill of the animals we are hunting. We need to show this with our actions.

A petition has been put up by hunters asking for these two to be charged. It has over 50,000 signatures in 6 hours, and the petition is gaining signatures at an increasing rate.

It is important for all hunters to sign this petition to show we will not stand for this kind of behavior. These guys are not hunters, they are unethical poachers that do not deserve the privilege of a hunting license. Click here to sign the petition and show everyone that hunters do not support this!