Petition to stop DNR from closing coyote season needs your support.

limiting the number of coyotes is an important part of habitat management. although it is very hard to cut down on coyotes, it’s not impossible.

The most effective way to limit the number of coyotes is trapping them in the spring. Their mating season has ended and they do not have pups yet. Trapping one coyote will eliminate 3-10 others from ever being born.

The springtime is when coyotes become the most aggressive attacking deer, pets and occasionally people. This time of year is also when coyotes eat the most. With deer fawns being born and coyotes eating as much as possible to support their offspring, this is when most people go hard trapping the predators.

The Ohio department of natural resources has proposed a season on trapping coyotes ending in January. As of right now, there is no closed season in Ohio. With a growing coyote population in Ohio, I have not heard of any reason for the change.

With coyotes killing up to 50% of fawns in some states, this does not seem to be something done with hunters in mind.

a petition to stop this proposed change is starting to gain ground. Even if you do not live in Ohio, it is important to stop this from happening. If it happens in Ohio more states could be next. to sign the petition click here

This is a screenshot of the proposed changes from the ODNR website.

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