Hunters Petition Wisconsin to allow them to Recover Downed Game on Private Property

Hundreds of hunters have signed an online petition.

It allow them to access private property to recover animals they have shot. The one caveat is that they must be accompanied by a law enforcement officer.

Law enforcement agencies seem resistant to the idea. They say that it would be a logistical nightmare. They do not want to waste man hours walking around the woods.

I understand where hunters are coming from. When a wounded deer crosses a property line they face an ethical dilemma. Do I break the law to recover it or do I leave it and let the meat rot? It is a hard call because when a hunter takes a life, he is morally obligated to make sure that animal did not die in vain. This is an attempt to alleviate that dilemma and remain legal.

I also understand a land owner’s position. It is private property he owns it and no one should be able to access it without his or her permission or a warrant. Property rights are very important and any law that weakens them should not be taken lightly.

I see both sides of the argument. What do you think?

The press release from WKOW can be seen HERE

The petition can be seen HERE

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