Pigman Pleads GUILTY to Oklahoma Game Violation

Pigman is a very recognizable figure in the hunting community.

We have done articles on him in the past. Like when he shot a warthog at point blank range with his bow. It was a very intense and exciting hunt. You can see that HERE.

But just because he is a professional does not mean he does not make mistakes. Just today Pigman pleaded guilty to a game violation in Oklahoma. The violation was filmed and aired on on his tv show Pigman TV.

Pigman hunted turkeys with a 5-day Non-Resident license instead of an Annual Hunting License, which is illegal there. Pigman owned up to his mistake and admitted he should have checked the turkey hunting laws in Oklahoma.

Here is the statement Pigman released about the incident:

“Today I plead guilty in Oklahoma to a game violation for hunting with an improper license, which led to a violation of section 5-411B “possession of wildlife not legally taken.” In October of 2016 on an Oklahoma Whitetail hunt, the outfitter had been seeing a flock of turkeys on camera. I asked if I could harvest one for meat and he obliged. I made the mistake of having the outfitter tell me what I needed instead of looking for myself and I purchased a 5-day Non-Resident Hunting License instead of an annual Non-Resident Hunting License, which is required to harvest a turkey. Last week, after the show aired Sunday night where I shot the hen turkey with my bow, I was contacted by an Oklahoma State Game Warden and notified that he had cross-checked my license purchases with my hunt and found me to be illegal. That was my first knowledge that I had screwed up, but I did the right thing by owning up to it and accepting responsibility. Today I drove up to and met the Warden at the Canadian County court house, paid my $972.25 fine and drove back home to Texas. I gotta be honest that I’m disappointed in myself for buying the wrong damn license and not verifying myself that it was the right one to buy. I’m extremely sorry to all of my sponsors and fans for letting you guys down. There’s no excuse for breaking the law, no matter how inadvertent or honest the mistake is. So please let this be a lesson for those of you that hunt all over the US or in other countries, please take the time yourself to make sure you’re 100{5c20afc010e65415aecac9ea1262ea64a0924a29c29fc9ad7cafd2eeb769a435} good to go – even if it means calling a local Warden before you hunt. As many times as I try to incorporate Game Wardens on my show for the TV police, I slipped up on this episode and it bit me. I’m very sorry guys and gals. God Bless. “– Pigman

Mistakes happen and Pigman did the right thing by owning up to it and setting an example for the rest of the hunting community.

He also released a video apology and uploaded it to his Facebook: