Planned Parenthood Gets Federal Funding, Shouldn’t the NRA?

As most people know the “non-profit” organization Planned Parenthood gets subsidized by the federal government.

They receive somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 million a year. They have been attacked by conservatives over the last few years especially after undercover videos brought to light their trafficking in aborted fetuses. Conservatives have petitioned congress on a number of occasions attempting to get their funding pulled. With Republicans in control of the both Houses and Trump taking office in January, the table is set for conservatives to get their wish.

Cumulative PP taxpayer income through 2013

Right now Planned Parenthood is trying to justify their federal funding. All it takes is a few Google searches to find a plethora of blogs and articles laying out the argument for why they should not be defunded. I read a few and started thinking that by using their same logic, the National Rifle Association could set up a few programs and should qualify for federal funding as well.

The basic argument is that a woman’s right to choose is protected by the Constitution and has been affirmed by the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade. They say that since a lot of people at or below the poverty level do not have access to this constitutional right, they are providing it, thus meriting federal funding.

By using that same basic logic we get this: the right for self defense is protected by the Constitution and has been affirmed by the Supreme Court in DC vs. Heller and McDonald vs. Chicago. There are a lot of people at or below the poverty level who do not have access to this constitutional right, and the NRA can provide it, thus meriting federal funding.


The only difference I see is that Planned Parenthood has programs already in place providing “reproductive health care” to those with little or no access. It would not be hard for the NRA to set up similar programs that provide 2nd amendment access to all Americans.

Here are a couple of examples programs that I came up with that would benefit the community and should warrant federal funding.

1. Give people training. There are many people that would love to exercise their 2nd amendment rights, but do not feel comfortable doing so without the proper training. Many of those same people cannot afford it or the range time necessary to be proficient with a weapon. The NRA can provide that training.

2. Protect victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence victims would be able receive free firearms training and provided with a gun for self-defense. All they would have to do is pass a back ground check.

3. Teach firearm safety in school. Just like they teach sex education in school to help kids protect themselves from STD’s and unwanted pregnancies, they should teach kids how to handle firearms responsibly. There are millions of firearms in this country and it is not unlikely that most people will come in contact with one at some point in their life. Should everyone have at least the basic understanding on proper weapons handling techniques?

These programs would benefit the community and make it safer. They would ensure all Americans had access to the 2nd amendment. As far as I can see, they fit the same criteria for federal funding as Planned Parenthood.