Poacher Drags Moose Behind Truck For 11 Miles

poacher drags moose

Vermont Fish and Wildlife reported the apprehension of a poacher on their Facebook page. This piece of work shot a cow moose out season hooked it to his truck and dragged the carcass 11 miles back to town and left it to rot on the side of the road.  To make matters even worse the moose was lactating meaning she had a calf that now probably will not survive without her. The suspect now faces a slap on the wrist.

Vermont State Game Wardens have arrested a suspect in the Westmore moose poaching case. Gerin Fortin, 20, of Irasburg allegedly shot a cow moose from his pickup truck and then struck it with his truck and shot it again in the head. The moose was killed out of season and at night without a permit. Fortin allegedly chained the moose up to his truck and dragged it more than 11 miles to the town of Orleans, where it was left to rot by the side of the road. The moose was lactating, indicating that she likely had a calf with her.

poacher drags moose

Fortin’s Ford F150 pickup truck was seized as evidence, along with his rifle, ammunition and truck chains. These items stand to be forfeited upon conviction. He faces fines and restitution of up to $8,000 and up to one year in jail.

Really? 1 year and 8 grand in fines? At least he will loose his truck, rifle, and other gear, that makes it a little bit better. In addition he should also lose his right to hunt and fish for a few years.