Poacher Fined $53,000 for Killing Elk in Colorado Backyards

A poacher from Texas now owes the state of Colorado a big chunk of change after getting busted for shooting elk in a residential neighborhood.

According to MSN.com, Raymond P. Muse, 50, of Chireno, Texas, pleaded guilty to willful destruction of wildlife and receiving a deferred judgment on that felony charge. He also pled guilty to 11 misdemeanor charges. Which will cost him $53,000 in fines.

According to police reports, back in September 2018, a resident of Evergreen Colorado spotted a Muse with the dead elk and called the sheriff’s office for help. When he was approached by deputies he took off.

However, when Wildlife officers searched nearby areas they found a bicycle, compound bow, backpack, clothing and the head of the elk. In the back pack hey found identifying information and the poacher’s cell phone.

“This was a huge find as it showed officers how (the poacher) was sneaking onto private properties to poach trophy wildlife,” officials wrote in the news release.

Based on the investigation, officers determined that he likely hid hunting equipment then returned to the area on a bicycle so residents of the neighborhood would not be suspicious. He would then change into camouflage and start poaching.

“Many of the hunting locations that were identified were right under the noses or in the backyards of Conifer and Evergreen residents,” officials wrote in the news release.

“Illegal and unethical actions like what Mr. Muse participated input a black eye on hunters,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer Scott Murdoch wrote in a news release. “Mr. Muse’s actions are those of a poacher, not a hunter, and it is good to bring somebody like Mr. Muse to justice.”