Poacher Freezes Monster Buck to Avoid Charges

Kept the buck in a freezer for a year

Some poachers go to great lengths to try and hide their poaching. In this case, the poacher killed a second buck while hunting in a one buck state. He proceeded to break down the buck and put him on ice for a year season so he could check him in.

According to the Indy Star, Mark Gill of Indiana poached a non-typical, 20-point, 200-inch buck during the 2016 season. Problem is he had already taken a buck that year. Gill froze the buck until the next season, and then checked it in with the state to make it appear that he killed the buck during 2017.

But it seems he told the wrong person of his plan because he was turned in by someone on the states poacher tip line.

Gil’s “Buck of a Lifetime” now belongs to the state

He pleaded guilty to unlawful taking of a white-tailed deer and providing false information to a check station, both misdemeanors.  Gill’s hunting license will be suspended for two years, he will serve 100 hours of community service, serve 540 days of probation and pay $741 in fines

To me that seems really light. compared to a similar incident in Ohio. A man shot a second buck got fined in excess of $28,000 along with other suspensions.