Poacher Gets Only 7 Years for Heinous Wildlife Violations

A Virginia man is now behind bars tonight after being convicted of multiple wildlife violations. Nelson Drummond will serve close to 7 years in jail and have to pay $25,000 in restitution for his illegal killing of four elk, three deer, a black bear and a bobcat.

According to WJHL Channel 11 News, Drummond would shoot the animals in the head at night with .22 Henry lever action equipped with a laser site. Officers with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries said they found videos and pictures of Drummond with several of the animals. One of the videos allegedly showed Drummond shooting a deer, taking the dead animal to Conaway Bridge and laughing as he tossed the animal over the side of the bridge and onto the road below.

Judge Henry Barringer stated in court report, “There is no reason to kill animals in that nature,” and described Drummond’s actions as “cruel.”

The prosecutor, Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerald Arrington, called on witnesses from the Department of Game to testify how Drummond’s conduct affects the hunting and game populations in Buchanan County.

Leon Boyd, President of the Southwest Virginia Elk Foundation and a member of the Board of Directors for the Department of Game, explained the foundation, — through local companies and private donors of money, time and equipment — had contributed over $100,000 to maintain the elk habitat in Buchanan County.

Poaching is a crime against all sportsmen and women and should be dealt with severely. 7 years seems light for such heinous acts. Who knows actually how many animals this lowlife killed.

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