Poacher Posts His Crimes on Facebook


The idiot of the week goes to this Kentucky poacher. First of all if you are a convicted felon you are not supposed to possess a firearm, but hey if you are going to ignore that you might as well not buy a hunting license and shoot a deer as well. Oh when you are done you post all of it on Facebook so anyone who knows you are not allowed to possess a firearm can report you.

The McCracken County Sheriff Department posted the following to their Facebook page last week:

Poacher Arrested


Detectives with the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department Drug Division arrested a Paducah man on 11/21/2017 charging him with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, hunting without a license and illegal taking of wildlife.

Detectives received information that Robert Morris Sr. 35 of West Paducah, had killed a deer with a rifle and posted a picture of the deer and rifle on facebook. Detectives were familiar with Morris from a previous drug investigation. Morris had prior felony convictions for drug trafficking and receiving stolen property. Due to the felony convictions Morris is unable to lawfully possess a firearm or ammunition.


The investigation led detectives to Childress Road in McCracken County where Morris lives. While in the area of Morris’s residence, detectives observed a truck matching the description of the truck in Morris’s facebook post parked in a field off the roadway. Detectives observed Morris standing beside the truck in hunting attire. Detectives made contact with Morris. Morris admitted that he had firearm in the truck. Detectives searched Morris and located ammunition on his person. A search of the truck yielded a .243 bolt action hunting rifle, antlers from a deer and numerous other items used for hunting.

Morris was arrested and lodged in the McCracken County Regional Jail.

Most criminals are not very smart and this guy is no exception.  He is officially our Idiot of the week.