Poacher Receives Jail Time and Lifetime Hunting Ban

We report on poaching cases and their fines quite a bit during hunting season. This case goes well beyond poaching.

An investigation started in 2016 that was called operation meat bag. Although the specifics are still unclear, it seems seven men were killing moose and other wildlife before selling them.

The authorities seized moose meat, moose antlers, and meat-cutting equipment, according to a statement issued by the New Brunswick government on Thursday.

Restricted weapons, long guns, ammunition, cocaine, marijuana and unidentified pills were also seized, along with undersized oysters, striped bass, deep freezers and four vehicles, the statement said.

Gilles Allain was sentenced to 156 days in jail, fined $54,500 and banned for life from hunting in New Brunswick after a nine-month investigation, the provincial government announced Monday.

Gilles Allain pleaded guilty to 27 violations of the Fish and Wildlife Act: 12 counts of hunting moose out of season, seven counts of offering moose meat for sale, four counts of illegally possessing moose meat and four counts of possessing moose meat without a cold-storage permit. 

The other six people involved got a total of 317 days in jail and $108,000 in fines.