Poacher Shoots Man with Stray Arrow Police Looking For Leads

It is not very often that a stray arrow hits a person. Due to their limited range bow hunting is often used in urban areas to help manage deer populations, but every now an then accidents happen. A Roane County, West Virginia  man is thankful to be alive after being shot in the leg by a stray arrow.

According to WSAZ, Vincent Thompson was working on private farm in a heavily-wooded area. While working by the farm’s chicken coop he heard a strange noise coming from the woods. He all of a sudden had a sharp pain in his leg. He look down to discover an arrow embedded in his leg.

“I heard something move and when I heard it move, I felt something pierce my leg,” Thompson said. “When I looked down it was an arrow, I yelled and kept yelling and nobody answered back. As I was walking back to the house, I heard a vehicle pulling off.”

The property where the incident happened is posted, but according to Thompson there are lot of deer in the area. Investigators from the Roane County Sheriff speculate that the arrow could have come from someone shooting from the road.

Usually if an arrow is shot from a tree stand or some other elevated possision the arrow will stick in the ground.  If it is shot on a flat plane the arrow is more likely to glance off a hard object like a rock and skip into the air ang go who knows where.

“The next time it happens somebody may die,” Thompson said. “It might not even be this farm, it might be the farm up the road. It could be other people, it could be somebody’s child with a white t-shirt running across a field.”

Deputies say the incident happened at about 2:20 in the afternoon on 23 October 2017.

If you know anything about who may be responsible, you’re asked to give the Roane County Sheriff’s Office a call at 304-927-2540.

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