Poacher Shoots Out Window of the Man Who Witnessed Him Poaching

Vermont State Police want to know who shot out the window of an SUV in the Northeast Kingdom, causing its driver to crash.

A man from Waterford, Vermont, witnessed what he believed to be a man attempting to poach deer from a duck blind. Shortly after midnight Friday, he reported seeing a rifle pointing out of a pickup truck window that was spotlighting a field. The man could not identify the potential poacher, so he followed the truck to get a better look.

Five miles later, the witness and the pickup truck were on a power line access path off Old Country Road. A passenger in the truck shot at the witness’s SUV, hitting the windshield. The witness wasn’t hurt, but he wrecked his SUV in a ditch.

If you know anything else about the incident, troopers from the VSP St. Johnsbury barracks ask you to call them at (802) 748-3111.