Poacher that Killed 60 Deer Receives Over $300K in Fines and Jail Time

A poacher in Kansas will have plenty of time to think about his crime of poaching 60 deer when as he sits in jail for the next 14 months. Plus, after he is done he serving time He can think about it while he is signing checks to the tune of $300,000 in fines and restitution that he was ordered to pay.

In a Facebook post, Kansas Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism laid out the results of a multi-year investigation that landed John Blick, Jr. of Sharon, Kansas in jail.

November 4, 2020. Blick appeared in court and faced a 139 count criminal complaint related to the poaching of 60 whitetail and mule deer and being a felon in possession of a firearm during the commission of those crimes.

Blick was found guilty and sentenced to 14 months of prison time plus 12 months of supervised release. Blick was ordered to pay $310,234.68 in fines and restitution to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism for the value of the deer killed.

The post went on to detail Blick’s crimes and how the fines were assessed:

These cases were the result of a multi-year investigation by Game Wardens Jason Harrold, Scott Stoughton, and K9 Officer Gypsy of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism. The criminal case was prosecuted by Barber County Attorney Gaten Wood. Additionally BLICK was charged and plead guilty to 33 misdemeanors in Harper county and was fined an additional $15,000 worth of fines with Restitutions amount ordered of $17,407.04 for the 3 trophy deer that he killed in Harper Co in 2019 and also the forfeiture of his hunting privileges for 5 years from the date of his conviction. The criminal case was prosecuted by Harper County Attorney Richard Raleigh. In both counties the charges pled guilty to included numerous counts of Criminal Hunting, Hunting with Aid of a motor vehicle, criminal discharge of a firearm, Felon on possession of a firearm, Fail to purchase or to tag deer, Exceed bag limits, Hunt with Artificial light, Hunting without a valid license and take Trophy deer illegally. The deer heads will be destroyed in pursuant with 32-1047. All equipment and firearms seized are ordered to be forfeited to the state of Kansas.

Hopefully, this poacher learns his lesson and after he gets out and pays his debts he will become a functional member of society.