Poachers Busted for Having 99 Walleyes over the Limit

Lake Erie is known for having a world class walleye fishery. Every year fisherman from all across the country make a pilgrimage to the lake to go after one of the most delicious fresh water fish that can be found. Unfortunately it also attracts some unscrupulous characters.

According to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Six men from West Virginia were busted for a practice called “double tripping.” The poachers would go out in the morning and catch their limit. They would then clean the fish and return for a second limit.

According to the investigation, the anglers would catch their daily bag limits of walleye and then return to the lake the same day and unlawfully catch a second limit of walleye. The anglers also used different boat ramps every day to prevent detection by officers. Six individuals visiting from out-of-state were arrested and charged with catching a combined 99 walleye over their legal daily limits.

Each angler was charged and convicted on three counts of exceeding the daily bag limit for Lake Erie walleye:

  • Lawrence B. Davis, 61, Sutton, WV
  • Jeffrey H. Hamrick, 61, Sutton, WV
  • Bernard L. Malone, 67, Fairmont, WV
  • Brandon M. Malone, 36, Fairmont, WV
  • Darrell A. Shaver, 36, Morgantown, WV
  • Keith A. Shaver, 58, Gassaway, WV

Total fines and court costs: $4,410.00
Total Restitution: $4,950.00
Grand total: $9,360.00

The judge also revoked their Ohio fishing licenses for three years, and will be entered into the Interstate Wildlife Violator’s Compact and will lose fishing rights in 46 other states.

I am glad they caught them. Outdoor resources are managed for everyone and poaching is the same as stealing.