BREAKING NEWS! Worst Rhino Poaching Case In History

Poachers are becoming more brazen than ever. Monday night poachers broke into Thoiry Zoo that is located just outside of Paris. They shot a young male rhinoceros three times in the head and cut off his horn with a chain saw.

The Rhino, named Vince, was discovered by his caretaker early this morning. The zookeepers and staff are in shock that such a brutal act could happen there.

According to CNN, the Thoiry complex includes a zoo and a drive-through wildlife preserve, where rhinos live in a fenced enclosure. Two other rhinos, named Gracie and Bruno, were unharmed Vince was a part of the Southern white rhino subspecies, and because they are considered extremely endangered, reproduction and conservation in zoos is essential.

All five rhino species are on the endangered list and are often the victims of poaching because some people believe their horns have medicinal properties. In 2015, 1 kilogram of rhino horns was sold on the black market for 51,000 Euros.

Little information is being released by authorities. The zoo was monitored with video surveillance, so hopefully the perpetrators left clues. Hopefully they will catch these sick people very quickly.

To read the press release by CNN CLICK HERE