Poachers Who Killed Neary 100 Turkeys Recieve Fines and Probation

Four out of fifteen poachers that killed close to 100 wild turkeys across four states were sentenced in a Kansas court on Wednesday. They received massive fines and probation along with hunting bans.

The case first came to light back in March of 2020 where five poachers were arrested and charged with around 280 wildlife violations across four states (Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska) 10 others were also issued citations for participating in the illegal activity.

News sources released the names of the five individuals arrested and the number of charges. (the 10 others were not identified)

  • Kenneth Ray Britt, (51 of Wesson, MS); charged with 142 wildlife violations.
  • Tony Grant Smith, (25 of Wesson, MS); charged with 68 wildlife violations.
  • Allen Shelton Morgan, (48 of Brookhaven, MS); charged with 28 violations.
  • Breanna Jeanine McKay, (26 of Wesson, MS); charged with 5 violations.
  • Justin Morgan, (22 of Wesson, MS); Number of charges not released
Kenneth Ray Britt, Tony Grant Smith, Allen Shelton Morgan, and Justin Morgan

According to the Kansas City Star, four of the poachers were sentenced in a Kansas court on Wednesday. (Two of the poacher’s names are listed above and two others were among the 10 additional poachers that were not arrested and just received citations.)

According to federal prosecutors, Kenneth R. Britt Jr., 51, Tony Grant Smith, 26, Barney Leon Bairfield III, 28, and Dustin Corey Treadway, 28, were sentenced to several years of probation and fined a combined $48,000 for conspiring to kill wild turkeys in excess of the legal limit and illegally transporting the birds across state lines.

The Kansas charges stem from an eight-day trip in 2018, Britt, Smith, Bairfield and Treadway are accused of bagging at least 26 wild turkeys.

Smith was sentenced to four years of probation, ordered to pay a $15,000 fine, and is banned for four years.

Bairfield and Treadway received two years of probation and are banned from hunting for two years. They were also ordered to pay a $3,000 fine and $5,000 fine, respectively.

Under conditions of their probation the men are barred from taking part in any aspect of hunting. This includes but is not limited to accompanying anyone who is hunting or “being present at a hunting camp during any hunting season.”

There are others involved in the case and are still facing charges and we will update you on the disposition of those cases as they are settled.