Poaching Surges Thanks to Coronavirus Quarantine

The coronavirus lockdowns are taking there toll on a lot of people, but they are also taking a toll on the worlds wildlife. News out of Russia indicates a huge spike in poaching related crimes.

According to the Moscow Times, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Russia found a huge increase in poaching while comparing recent data. This is particularly true in the Far East, the Murmansk region, and the Altai region.

In the Primorye region alone, Russian authorities registered 144 cases of poaching from March 31-April 6, a more than threefold increase from March 16-30.

Russian Anti-Poaching Patrol

“People are now going hunting like they go shopping, and they shoot almost every animal that they encounter on their way,” a spokesperson for WWF Russia.

Authorities believe it is a sign of people panicking and trying to stock up on food because of uncertainty of what is going to happen in the coming months.

“In times of shock, people prefer to rely on themselves and feel independent, stockpiling salt and matches but also stockpiling meat, fish, and wood for emergencies,” Dmitry Gorshkov, the head of WWF Russia’s biodiversity program, said in Tuesday’s statement.

Thankfully, this is something we have not seen yet in the United States. Hopefully, our food supply system remains strong and families are not forced to over-harvest wildlife in order to survive.