Police Respond to Masked Bugerlar Asleep in Dishwasher

When a policeman goes on patrol he never really knows what he is going to have to deal with. It could be a kangaroo harassing drivers, cows falling out of trailers, or a racoon napping in a dishwasher. Those three crazy incidents just happen to be police officer John Metzo specialty. He had had to deal with all three of those in the small town of North Ridgeville, Ohio.

According to the town’s police department’s Facebook page, the heroic animal officer was called to a home where a raccoon broke in and had a field day. The masked bandit busted through the bathroom light and ransacked the kitchen. He then decided to take a post mayhem siesta in the dishwasher where he was arrested by Officer Metzo.

So a resident called and said he had a raccoon in his dishwasher. Wait. What? Luckily we had our resident Absurd Animal Call Officer, Ptlm John Metzo, on shift. You may remember Ptlm Metzo from such hits as “There’s a kangaroo hopping next to my car” and “Um….a cow just fell out of a trailer driving down the road” The North Ridgeville Police Department proudly brings you our newest offering “There’s a raccoon on my dish rack.” Apparently said raccoon busted through the bathroom light, ransacked the kitchen, then took a well-deserved nap in the washer. All in a day’s work……for John. *No raccoons were harmed in the making of this Facebook post.

North Ridgeville Police Department Facebook Page

Glad they were able to get the little guy out without harm. I am sure he was released and will find a more comfortable bed than a dishwasher.

Racoons can get into some tight spots. I know from personal experience. I rescued a raccoon that got stuck in a static display tank at the National Guard base that I work at. the rescue was filmed and the video went viral racking up over 32 Million views on Facebook and quite a few more on other platforms. If you have not seen it it is worth the watch: