Police snipers training for Superbowl with .50 BMG [VIDEO]

Most people are not aware of the safety protocols that are taken for the Superbowl. The biggest sporting event of the year is a target for terrorism and crazy people.

Police snipers go through extensive training to prepare for this event. They are required to do in-class training along with practicing their sniper skills. They are required to hit a 2×2 inch target from many different angles, distances, and conditions. They needed to make shots on the field, in the stands, and into the parking lot.

These preparations are not exclusively for the SuperBowl. It has become standard to prepare like this for many major sporting events around the world today.

TacFlow Academy instructs the multi-day Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue (PSRPV) course. The course provides identification of threats, case studies, the need to coordinate with air assets, establishing covert and overt hides, as well as rally points and final firing position.