Policeman Accidently Shoots Himself Fleeing a Rabid Fox

Rabid fox and bulletproof vest
Officer Nunuvero accidentally shoots himself after fleeing rabid fox

A New York police officer was taken to the hospital after a self-inflicted gunshot to the chest. He suffered the injury after responding to a call about a rabid fox.

According to PIX 11, Officer Harold Nunuvero was running away from a rabid fox in a Hudson Valley village. When He accidentally shot himself in the chest.

Police Chief Philip Mattracion says the animal charged at Nunuvero. The officer tried to jump over a nearby fence, but his foot got caught and he flipped over. His gun went off when he landed and struck the officer in his bulletproof vest.

Another officer on the scene was able to put down the rabid fox. Nunuvero was taken to the hospital and released. His bulletproof vest defiantly saved his life.

Gun Safety is no joke, anyone who who uses a firearm needs to always be careful and keep the muzzle in a safe direction.

I do not know how close the fox was to him when it charged, but if you had time to turn and jump over a fence it seems you would have enough time to put a round in the charging fox. You need to remain calm and exicute, especially when you have a loaded firearm.

With all that said, I am glad he was not seriously hurt and can get back on the beat and protect and serve his community.