Possible State Record Velvet Buck

Every year there are rumors of state records being broken. Some turn out to be hoaxes but other turn out to be the real deal. Here is the first rumored state record breaker. A stud velvet buck from North Carolina. This 20 point giant may be the largest non-typical buck ever taken with a crossbow in the state.

According to the Carolina Sportsman, Dylan Martin of Stoneville killed a possible new state record buck with his Ravin R10 crossbow. During the last few minutes of daylight, Martin arrowed a 171 5/8-inch non-typical giant at only 16 yards from his stand.

Martin had been watching the deer all summer just waiting for opening day.

“I knew he would be something special as soon as I saw him on camera.” Martin said. “He was already big in July and he had a lot of growing left to do. He gave me anxiety all summer long!”

Martin skipped the morning hunt not wanting to jump deer off of the field, but more than ready for evening sit. A came in right around dark and circled down wind from him and started blowing. He thought his hunt was over. As he prepared to leave another doe entered the field with a group of bucks in tow. Mister Big was bringing up the rear.

The buck walked up, took a bite of corn, and turned broadside. Martin shot him at 16 yards The buck ran off and piled up just 40 yards away.

“He has driven me crazy all summer,” Martin said. “I have killed some nice deer in my life, but nothing like this. I was happy to get him before the acorns started to fall and he changed his travel pattern.”

Awesome Buck. Congratulations Dylan Martin.