Possible World Record 51 point Buck Killed in Illinois

In 2016 the Tucker Buck took the hunting world by storm. Now a new buck has just been killed that may take its place in the record book. The Tucker Buck not only is the largest scoring hunter killed buck, but also as far as I can tell the buck with the most scalable points with 47*. This new buck while not as big inches wise, but looks to sport 51 scoreable points.

According to WSIL ABC 3, a monster buck has just been killed in Illinois that may be a new world record for the most scorable points. Keith Szableswki from Johnston City, Illinois killed a 51 point buck during the first weekend of the Illinois shotgun season.

Kieth was hunting on private property during the first weekend of the Illinois shotgun season, When the buck of a lifetime walked into his life.

“I was just sitting there and I heard the deer behind me,” he said.

After shooting and killing what he thought was a big buck, he was in for an even bigger surprise.

“When I walked up to him, I looked at it and thought, ‘What a blessing,'” he said.

Szableswki’s first instinct was to call one of his good friends, and then he called the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. They told him the deer was unique and unusual.

“They told me I needed to get the deer checked out and scored,” he said. “They said they have never seen anything like it in this area before.”

Szableswki plans on having the buck officially scored this summer at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Peoria. Then we will officially have an answer on if the buck really is a 51 point.

*Disclaimer: Since record book whitetails are measured in inches and not in points, I have had a hard time confirming that the Tucker Buck does indeed hold the record of most scorible points with 47. I looked at a good number of nontypical record book bucks and the Tucker buck in the highest. A few of the notible bucks I looked at The Hole-in-the-Horn Buck had 45, Missuri Monarch had 37, and the Beatty Buck 39.

If anyone know of a buck with more then 51 scoreable point please let me know.