Possible World Record Coues Deer

The Pope and Young club announced that there may be a new world record Non-typical Coues Deer. The deer was killed almost a year ago by Terry Edwards of San Carlos, Arizona. It has an initial entry score of 141 5/8 smashing the previous record of 127 1/8. The deer will still need to be panel scored before the entry can be made official.

Mr. Edwards had this to say about his kill:

“My heart was racing and I could hear it beating loud in my ears. My hunting partner Trevor Chapman shared many words of excitement as we followed the blood trail. I knew I had shot one of the biggest deer I had ever laid eyes on, but little did I know he would be a potential P&Y World’s Record. I was just happy to fill my tag. The terrain was treacherous and thick with dense oak trees and waist-high brush. Any Coues deer hunter knows that such habitat is prime big buck country. After tracking the buck and finally being able to put my hands on this ghost-like creature, I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride. This moment put all my hunting efforts into perspective. This was why my father took me hunting since I was a kid; this was why he taught me all I know about hunting. It was through my father’s knowledge and character that I grew up loving the outdoors. I thank God and my father for blessing me with such an amazing animal… an animal of a lifetime.”

A truly remarkable animal. The deer will be entered into the record books at the 30th Biennium Big-Game Trophy Exhibit held at the P&Y Club’s National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, April 5-8, 2017.

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