Potential Illinois State Record Turkey Killed on Film

Tyler Rector of Bowhunt or Die took a monster bird in Illinois and was able to get it on film. He roosted the bird the night before while working on his farm. He came back the next morning and called the big tom for around 1000 yards away.

As the bird is walking in you can tell it is huge. I have never seen a beard that full. It looks like a oversized paint brush hanging down. He watches him breed a hen just before he decides to walk into bow range where Tyler lays the smack down on him.

He knows the bird is big but does not realize just how big until he calls in the turkey. Turns out it may end up being the new Illinois state record archery atypical turkey (Atypical means a turkey with more than one beard.)

Its two beards measure 11.5 and 10.75 inches and it weighed 23lbs. The next day it was officially scored by the IDNR which gave it a preliminary score of 91.8 points. The current state record atypical archery turkey scored 89.8 points. He will have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to have the record confirmed.

It is a long video but if you skip ahead to the 3 min mark you can watch this awesome hunt.