Potential State Record Elk!

On September 6 DJ Klenklen, of Lawrence Kansas, shot a bull of a lifetime with a muzzleloader. A game warden came to check it out and believes it could be a state record.

Lacy Klenklen, DJs wife, wrote in an email. “Land owners had told him there was a rogue elk that has been around their property for the past three years. Well, while out dove hunting, my husband accidentally walked up on this elk, 40 yards or so, and spooked him up. He couldn’t believe it, he was real and he was right in front of him!”

The next day he purchased an elk tag and went to the same spot. It finally stepped out and started bugling for 20 minutes. It got to 60 yards and turned broad side and he took the shot.

Lacy Klenklen added, “The elk didn’t run, he just seemed confused. My husband loaded his gun again. The elk spun around, now being broadside the opposite direction, and my husband fired a second shot. This time the elk started to trot off before finally going down just 20 yards from where he originally was hit.”

The bull will be officially scored on November 5th. stay tuned for updates.

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