Potential State Record Buck Poached

Sometimes seeing a monster buck is just too much for some people. They take matter into their own hands and turn to poaching. That is exactly what happened to a Florida man. He saw a monster buck and he just had to have it, but it looks like instead of a trophy he will be getting prison time and a hefty fine.

According to the Martin County Sheriffs Department’s Facebook page, Mario Palacio decided to spotlight a monster buck and ended up getting caught by deputies. It turns out the buck may be the potential state record and that now only adds notoriety to the crime.  The poached buck green scored 205 7/8. The current Florida record sits at 201 3/8 dating back to 1940.

According to the Sheriffs Department, here is how everything went down.

54-year old Mario Palacio had no idea our deputies, who are also avid sportsmen, keep close tabs on the local whitetail deer herd. The Miami man now faces a number of serious charges after illegally shooting and killing an enormous buck on state property in Indiantown. (pictured below)

While on patrol, Sergeant Kevin Kryzda noticed a dark truck parked in a wooded area near a construction site off of Citrus Boulevard. Sergeant Kryzda could see the driver using a spotlight to illuminate a deer. As the Sergeant approached, the truck sped off. Sergeant Kryzda notified Deputy Jason Slay who was near-by, AIR-1, and an agricultural detective for assistance. A short time later, Deputy Slay spotted Palacio’s truck as he attempted to leave the area. After Palacio saw the deputy, he pulled over. Around the same time, AIR-1 spotted a very large antlered deer carcass in the wooded area where the truck was originally spotted. Deputies determined that the buck was recently shot by what appeared to be a high-caliber rifle. Inside Palacio’s truck, deputies found hunting gear to include a bow, arrows, spotlight, and a single spent shell casing from a .30-06 caliber rifle, but no rifle. With the assistance of FWC, and use of their specially trained K-9, investigators located a .30-06 rifle in the area where Palacio was seen.

Mario Enrique Palacio was arrested and charged with Trespass on a Construction Site, and Trespass by Lethal Projectile. Both are felony charges. FWC is also investigating and Palacio is likely to face additional state charges.

The carcass of the buck is being properly processed and documented as evidence for prosecutorial purposes. The deer meat has been donated to a local facility. A preliminary and unofficial scoring has the deer measured at 205-7/8 inches. An official Boone and Crockett Club Scoring Professional is scheduled to assess this impressive deer to see where it fits into the state record class.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Deputies, along with patrol deputies in Indiantown will continue their proactive patrols and remain monitoring the local whitetail herd.

The photo depicting the deer still alive was taken by Sergeant Kryzda just 24-hours prior to being illegally harvested.

What an awesome buck it is a shame it had to be poached.