Potential state record typical harvested on public land with recurve

Cory Gulvas is a public land hunter in Pennsylvania. He started hunting with a recurve 8 years ago and just shot a potential state record buck! It has green scored 191″!

Gulvas has a reputation for being an ethical and hard hunter. When I first came across pictures the comments were full of people praising his hard work ethic and commitment to following the law. I have never seen so many people come out unprompted to support a hunter like this.

Multiple pictures and sources have confirmed this is not photoshop and is shot on public land. While all the hunt details are not out yet, Cory did post to social media, giving some inside into the hunt.

After thanking everyone he wrote, Those that know me know that I spend a great deal of time scouting, shed hunting and searching for old bucks in mountainous regions here in Pennsylvania. It’s something that’s been a part of my life for quite a few years now. The area I live in Northern PA contains literally 1000’s of acres of Public land and those that live here, including me, are blessed to have all these beautiful mountainous public land regions to explore. It is basically a “playground” for anyone interested in spending the time and energy to explore it.

8 years ago my life changed for the better when I discovered traditional archery. I cannot express here the joys that traditional archery has provided for me the last 8 years. It has completely changed my life all for the better. The memories I’ve gained and the people I have met who have the same love for the bow and arrow and the flight of the arrow have enriched my life so greatly. If you are even somewhat interested in shooting a recurve or longbow, I highly encourage you to at least try it as I almost guarantee you will see what you have been missing.

I have to thank my Dad who is the best hunter I know for all that he has taught me throughout my life. There is NO WAY any of this would have happened without his guidance throughout the years. I also have to thank my brother for his help over the years and also his help on the recovery of the buck. Having him there to recover the old buck made it even more special. Lastly I have to thank my wife for all that she puts up with. She sacrifices more than I could ever express here. I’ve left her alone at home way more times than I should have while I attend archery tournaments or spend time in the mountains and never once has she ever complained.