President of Federal Ammunition Disspells Conspiracy Theories about Ammunition Shortage

The ammunition shortage is alive and well all across the United States. Hunters and shooters are having a difficult time finding the proper ammunition to partake in their chosen pursuits.

Many theories are being thrown out there as to why we are seeing the shortages. Some have merit, such as COVID restrictions slowing production, and now manufacturers are being forced to play catch up and the demand caused by thousands of new gun owners.

Other theories are however lack standing and these were talked by Jason Vanderbink, the President of Federal, CCI, Speer, and Remington. In a YouTube video, Jason addresses concerns and lays out what his companies are doing to meet the demands.

He states unequivocally that his companies are, “Making ammunition every minute of every day!”, Making all of the ammunition as fast as we can” and
“Doing our damndest to meet the demand!”

In the comment section of Vanderbink’s address popular gun enthusiast, TOUFLEDERMAUS issued a statement of support and advice to concerned shooters.

I’ve gone through at least 4 major ammo shortages just since 2000. Every time, people think it is the end of the world. You learn to stock up when times are good and ammo is abundant (and prices are good) and you don’t buy during the brief times of the shortages and you let the fools pay the high prices.

Industry executives predict that the ammunition shortages could last well into 2021. So keep patient and we will eventually get out of this.